Primary School

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a Uniform?
Students wear winter and summer uniforms while at school.
2. I’m interested in the International Course. What kind of English ability is necessary?
All courses are conducted in English. Please come to our school and decide based on your observations. Make sure your child is able to use colloquial English. From the first day on , Japanese won't be allowed to be used anymore. For instance : “ I have a headache.” “ I won’t take the bus today , someone will pick me up.
3. Is it possible to change from one course to the other after entering the school?
As a general rule, it is not possible.
4. Is it acceptable for students to bring cell phones to school with them?
It is possible to bring approved models such as child cell phones however use in the school is prohibited.
5. Is it possible to pick up and drop off students at the school?
Yes, it is.
6. I am interested in the dormitory. Are there any terms and conditions?
Depending on household conditions and limited to students who display proper living habits and manners. Also, students must be able to return home on Saturday and Sunday.
7. We are currently enrolled in a school abroad. Is it possible to enter the school half way through the year?
Yes, it is. Students from abroad may sit entrance exams and enter the school at anytime throughout the year.
8. Is it possible to join the school even though I am not a Catholic?
We do not ask about your personal religious beliefs but we do teach Christian religion courses and values.
9. Is there a school Bus?
There are five bus routes departing from:
  • JR Yokohama via the Aqualine
  • JR Shinagawa via the Aqualine
  • JR Kawasaki via the Aqualine
  • JR Shin-Urayasu via toll highway
  • JR Kaihin-Makuhari making stops at JR Chiba and JR Soga before taking the toll highway
  • JR Kisarazu
All busses travel directly to and from the main entrance of Gyosei International Primary School
10. What options are available to students after they graduate from the primary school?
Gyosei has a continuous education system running from primary, Junior High and High School. At the moment between 50 and 60% of students who graduate from the primary continue their education at Gyosei Junior High School. Other students continue on to national Junior High schools or other ones.
11. What are the total expenses for one year of instruction at Gyosei?
For a detailed breakdown of all costs please go to the admissions sections or click the link here.
12. On the interview part of the entrance exam for the international department what level of English is expected?
Applicants will be asked questions that a native child of age 5 or 6 would be expected to answer. An example question would be “How many members are there in your family?”. Applicants who are able to answer in complete sentences are awarded higher marks.