Primary School

School Life

School Life

To allow sufficient time for our rich curriculum, classes are held six days a week from Monday to Saturday. To enhance our curriculum we also have the following events and excursions throughout the year. In order of occurrence we have a Spring School excursion, School Camp, Pool, Sports Day, Educational Field Trip, Christmas Mass, Music Festival, and Grade 6 Class Trip.

Monday to Friday Schedule
Arrival: 8:00--8:20
Lunch Recess: 11:55--12:40
Departure: 14:25
Wednesday departure time is at 15:25
Saturday Schedule
Arrival: 8:00--8:20
Lunch Recess: 11:55--12:40
Departure: 13:25

Dormitory life

Wake Up: 6:30
Breakfast: 7:00
Go to School: 7:50
Leave School: 4:30
Free Time
Dinner: 18:00
Study Time: 19:00

Club Activities

Every other Wednesday grades three to eleven take part in the following clubs; Ball Sports, Floor Hockey, Ping Pong, Music, P.C., Science, doge ball, board game, and Craft. Club Activities last for one hour and are greatly anticipated by the students.

Soft Ball  
Ping Pong  
Floor Hockey  
Book Club  


Club groups and School Committee groups meet each Wednesday on alternating weeks for grades three to six. Students in Committee groups have various responsibilities and undertake certain duties to make school life run more smoothly. These responsibilities include Lunch duties, Library duties, School Beautification, Poster Making, and Health duties.

Lunch Committee  
Library Committee  
Health Committee  
School Beautification Committee  
Poster Committee  
Student council